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Unparalleled connections


We possess an extremely valuable talent in sourcing large diamonds from all corners of the globe, ranging from exquisite 5-carat gems to awe-inspiring 20-carat plus diamonds and beyond. With an extraordinary network of connections within the diamond industry and a vast network of high value clients, our expertise allows us to navigate the intricate paths of the diamond trade, accessing the most exclusive mines and renowned diamond cutting centers worldwide.


This phenomenal 23ct natural radiant diamond was sourced through one of our vast network chains in the diamond industry for one of our high value clients.


A beautiful 5ct Fancy cut, pink heart diamond in a Vivid pink colour as requested by one of our clients.

There are only two of these available worldwide and we sourced and secured one of them.

We take pride in our reputation as diamond connoisseurs, making us the go-to experts for clients seeking truly extraordinary gems. Whether it's for prestigious jewellery houses, collectors or supreme fashion bending individuals. Our ability to acquire these magnificent diamonds reflects a remarkable dedication to our craft and an unwavering passion for the world's most precious gems.