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The COLOUR of a diamond

The Colour Of A Diamond

A diamond can divide light into a spectrum of colours (like a prism). Colour in a diamond acts like a filter and diminishes the spectrum of colours emitted. The less colour in the diamond, the better the colour grade.


Grades of colour range from D, which is totally colourless, to Z, which is a pale yellow or brown colour. Diamonds that are ‘colourless’ (graded D, E or F) are very rare and demand premium prices. The untrained eye will find it very difficult to distinguish between D, E or F grades.

G, H, I and J are ‘near colourless’ and represent excellent value for money. G and H are sometimes called ‘rare white’ and are the most sought after in the ‘near colourless’ group.

The majority of diamonds Aariya Diamonds used are colour ‘G’ or ‘H’ or above. As you can see, colour G is the 4th highest colour and top of the ‘near colourless’ group. This grade represents great value for money, as ‘colourless’ stones can be very expensive (less than 2% of all diamonds are graded as colour D).