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The CLARITY of a diamond

The Clarity Of A Diamond

The clarity of a diamond describes how flawless it is. Clarity is affected by the number of flaws or imperfections, which are known as inclusions.

All Aariya Diamonds diamonds are clarity ‘SI2’ or above, which means these natural inclusions are completely invisible to the naked eye. You won’t see any marks in your diamond at all.



example gia


Grades of clarity
IF to VS

These are luxury grades.

Inclusions are difficult to see when using a 10x magnification in good light, and are not visible with the naked eye.

Any diamond graded between IF and VS should be sparkly and bright, and within these grades diamonds suffer no noticeable loss of brilliance through reduced clarity.


SI1 & SI2

These grades represent excellent value for money.

The small inclusions are fairly easy to see under 10x magnification, and there may be some barely noticeable lack of brilliance in comparison.

However, you still cannot see these small inclusions with the naked eye.

Clarity Diagram

Any diamond in these grades will also be bright and sparkly. Untrained individuals will not see the difference between a VS and an SI graded diamond, either in terms of inclusions or brilliance, without using magnification.