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Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

White gold and solitaires- A match made in heaven!

Engagement rings and solitaires can almost be used synonymously. A bright and bold solitaire adorned on a precious gold engagement ring never fails to do its job. Solitaire engagement rings in Birmingham are almost the first choice for those looking forward to taking that next step in their lives.

That said, understanding a few basics about diamonds and the modern metal trends that go with it makes it fairly easy to pick the right piece out when you’re out shopping.

About diamonds

People often feel intimidated when considering high-cost involving purchases like diamonds for a solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham. Picking out the right stone that does justice to the money you spend is critical. Some key factors to consider include:

Cut: A well-cut diamond shows up perfection in its angles, the proportions as well as the facets thereby lending it sparkle and brilliance. Traditional round cuts are highly priced pieces but modern princess cuts with its multi reflecting facets are high in demand too.

Colour: Diamonds come in various colours including white, other colours as well as the colourless varieties. The more transparent a stone, the higher priced it is.

Clarity: Diamonds are stones formed in nature and hence can come with different levels of impurities. Needless to say, the fewer the impurities, the higher the cost.

Carats: The weight of diamonds is measured in carats. Larger stones are higher in carat ratings and are hence highly priced.

Considering the above mentions four C’s is a simple way to choose the right diamond that fits your needs as well as budget. Having done that, you can simply browse through the various setting choices available with the dealer to create a unique and personalized solitaire engagement ring.

And white gold

So, having chosen a suitable solitaire, you’re almost there. All you need to do is to finalize the metal for the ring and create a unique piece. While traditional yellow gold is a craze that’s going to stay forever, white gold is the latest craze that’s trending the markets. A white gold engagement ring with solitaire on top is a beauty that can hardly be defined in words.

An alloy of 24-carat gold, palladium and solver, the metal also comes with a coating of rhodium which gives it a beautiful white moonlight lustre as well as a modern classy look. The popularity of white gold has grown many folds in the last few decades owing to its modern sleek looks that almost imitate platinum. White gold easily compliments all skin tones making it a favourite with brides-to-be around the world.

Engagements are a very special event. Make sure you make it even more special by choosing a beautiful white gold engagement ring set with a sparkling solitaire.