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White Gold: A Modern and Trendy Jewelry Option

Gold has always been the most favored metal to make jewelry but white gold is gradually becoming a trendy option.

What is White Gold?

White gold is made of a mix of pure gold, palladium, and silver. Under normal circumstances, pure gold needs to be mixed with other harder metals to increase its strength and durability. Jewelers use different alloys to create yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. White gold has an additional coat of rhodium which makes it extra strong, lustrous and well protected. Over time the rhodium wears off and the yellow gold tinge can be seen. All this depends on the pH level of the wearer’s skin, the chemicals it’s exposed to as well as environmental factors. White gold Engagement rings bought in Birmingham can be recoated with rhodium to restore its shine and luster. White gold jewelry is always accompanied by a hallmark certificate that guarantees its authenticity and quality.

Benefits of White Gold

White gold is precious and beautiful. Although it looks like platinum and silver it definitely is more affordable and sturdier. Unlike yellow gold, white gold is modern, clean and suits almost all complexions. Its color is compatible with all gemstone colors and can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion. While white gold needs to be regularly re-coated with rhodium to maintain its color and shine, the actual process doesn’t take much time or cost too much. Not only is it budget friendly, but it’s also highly durable and of greater value than silver. White gold Engagement ring stores in Birmingham are seeing a rise in growing popularity of white gold jewelry.

White Gold vs. Yellow Gold

Since white gold is an alloy using a mix of metals, the nickel content in it can cause a rash in a person allergic to it. This usually happens when the rhodium begins to wear out. White gem settings are more durable when compared to yellow gold gem settings of the same karat. White gold Engagement rings sold in Birmingham use white colorless gems or diamonds because it enhances the stone’s brilliance while those diamonds of the lower grade of color do better when set against yellow gold jewelry. Polishing yellow gold will take away some of its layer along with the scratches whereas polishing in white gold jewelry actually has a layer of rhodium re-plated.

White doesn’t just look great it is also highly durable and is perfectly contemporary.