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Wedding Rings: Being One in Heart and Mind

The wedding bells are ringing and it is time to slip the ring into her finger. Time stops for that magical moment, it has got to be perfect. Here’s how

Ring Choices

With so many rings to choose from, it can become an overwhelming task. Before you panic this is the question you must ask ‘How do I envision the ring to be?’ With that in mind, look around, start narrowing down the checklist. The next step after you have settled on a few choices is to figure out if it matches well with the engagement ring. Two very stand out rings worn on the same finger will not be classy. Opting for a simple wedding ring if the engagement ring is large and ornate is a better choice. You could also opt for Diamond set wedding bands sold in Birmingham jewelry stores. It is wise to start ring hunting at least two or three months in advance. It is quite time consuming to research through styles, patterns, colors and even customized designs. Although gold is the preferred metal for a wedding ring, this rule isn’t set in stone. You can always have a ring made out of two metals or a blend of two designs. Do whatever it takes to personalize your ring.

Practical Choices

Investing in a wedding ring isn’t all heart, it requires a bit of practicality too. First decide on a budget and keep in mind that the price may swing either way. Calculate how much a stone would cost including the design, engraving and karat. Diamond set wedding bands in Birmingham don’t just celebrate the couple, they also celebrate their lifestyle. Find one that can be worn everyday comfortably. Platinum is a great choice for those who are very active and require durability. Keep your mind open about trying out or incorporating new elements into your wedding ring. While traditional designs have stood the test of time, newer designs and styles may just be the thing you are looking for. This is also a good time not be swayed by trends. Like all precious things, wedding rings need some TLC. A studded ring needs to be soaked in soapy warm water and then brushed gently regularly to clean it up and restore the sparkle. If that’s too much work you may want to go for a simple band in platinum. Finally, quality counts! Make sure the ring displays the Karat as well as the manufacturer’s trademark.

Your ring should make you feel happy and completely even after a decade. The good news is you can always make changes to the ring much later.