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Tonia Diamond Engagement Ring

The 4 C’s of buying a solitaire engagement ring

A solitaire engagement ring is a timeless classic, not only in Birmingham but the world over. In fact, the style has become so iconic that the graphical representation of an engagement ring worldwide is always a solitaire ring. You can very rarely go wrong with this choice. However, if you are choosing this style of ring, it is important that you know how to pick the right quality of the stone. The 4 C’s is the guide to follow


The brilliance and shine of a solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham or anywhere else in the world depend on the way the stone is cut. For a diamond to refract and reflect the light around it, it must be cut in just the right way. A diamond that is cut too shallow or too deep will do a poor job of reflecting light and hence will appear dull. Modern cutters have determined the correct proportions that must be used to cut a diamond for it to shine the best. Cut also refers to the shape of the stone. There are over 10 different kinds of cuts that are available in the market, the most popular being the round one. This is also the most expensive. Other cuts include the princess cut, oval cut, pear/tear drop shape etc.


Diamonds are not always a brilliant white, some of them are cloudy and do have a bit of color present in them. These are generally lower in grade than the stones that are almost colorless or are indeed colorless. A solitaire engagement ring that you may find in Birmingham or elsewhere will be most likely made from diamonds that are colorless / almost colorless.


Diamonds usually have a blemish or natural inclusion in them that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These are only visible on examination through a microscope. An affordable solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham is likely to have one or more of these flaws. Don fret about it. Your fiancé won’t notice. And besides, while there are flawless diamonds available in the market, they are rare and very very expensive.


The term carat really needs to explain when it comes to a solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham. Plainly put, carat refers to the size of the stone. Higher carats mean a bigger stone and very obviously a bigger price tag.

Keeping these 4C’s in mind will help you make a sensible purchase.