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That perfect diamond set wedding band

Your wedding is perhaps the most special occasion of your lifetime. And what better way of capturing your emotions on this day than to set them up in a wedding band encrusted with precious diamonds! Yes, a beautiful diamond set wedding band Birmingham is a wonderful way to celebrate your special day as well as expressing your love and commitment for each other.

Buying diamond jewelry

While the thought of going out to look for your perfect diamond set wedding band in Birmingham could be highly exciting, it can be equally overwhelming when one thinks of the various terminologies and factors involved in purchasing diamond jewelry. Well, here are a few handy tips that’ll be of value once you set out to make that purchase of a lifetime.  While the shape of the diamond (squares, rectangular, oval, round, drop shaped, emerald, baguette etc) that you select can be totally based on your choice, the important factor to look out for is the cut. The precision of cut which determines the facets and angles in a diamond has a direct impact on its ability to reflect light and hence the brilliance.

Most leading stores offering diamond set wedding bands in Birmingham have diamonds with VS/SI clarity and G colour. However, you can discuss your choice of colour and clarity and the same can be created for you

The diamond cuts and settings    

While the round cut has been traditionally used and is still highly valued and loved by customers, the princess cut with its sparkle is a more modern and trending choice. Yes, it can be hard to choose because both are equally beautiful. Technically speaking, the round cut comes with 58 facets which gives it the ability to reflect light equally and beautifully in all directions, giving it the fire like glow that it is associated with.  Princess cuts usually come in a square or a rectangular shape with the cut created to maximize the level of shine and sparkle. More often than not, a princess cut can be more reasonably priced as compared to the round cut designs when it comes to choosing a diamond set wedding band in Birmingham.

Picking the number of diamonds that you want is a choice that you can make depending on your choice of design as well as the budget. Similarly, there is a range of settings available to choose from when it comes to picking your perfect diamond set wedding band in Birmingham. With options like channel set diamonds, claw setting, grain setting, migrained setting etc, you can have a design that is just as unique as you!