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Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Style and setting of Bespoke Engagement rings

bespoke engagement ringChoosing your engagement ring can be a difficult task because you will be looking for the best ring for the occasion. You need not worry much because you are available with varieties of engagement rings to choose from and it can be an overwhelming situation when you have the option of choosing from a variety of styles and settings. If you are considering visiting a bespoke engagement ring designer, you are required to tell him your style and preference so that he can design a ring of your style.

Below are mentioned few points that you are required to tell the designer before they designs your engagement ring:


The very first thing that you are required to consider is your lifestyle and how you visualize wearing your ring. To need to keep few things in mind including, whether you enjoy sports or any other outdoor adventures or you do the physical job, or you want to wear your ring all the time or simply during some occasions. Thus, your designer can ask you these questions in order to decide the kind of ring that suits your lifestyle. This will save his time and he will be able to do the settings accordingly.


This is a very common yet trendy setting, mainly for diamonds, because the prongs that secure the gemstone let maximum light to go into the stone. You can decide to have four to eight prongs in your ring all depending on the shape and size of the diamond. A smart designer set the prongs in such a way that it gives an impression that the diamond is bigger than it really is. Remember, prong settings will not go well with coloured gemstones.


If you wish to have a coloured gemstone in your ring, then bezel should be your preference. A bespoke engagement ring designer can advise you regarding this setting as if you will ask him to set a diamond in 18kt gold, it could take on a yellowish tinge. However, if you select a champagne diamond, you can set it off to excellence with a bezel setting.

Channel and bar

Once you have selected the Once you have chosen the setting for the main stone, you can set for the stone of the ring, you can choose the bespoke wedding band that will look best with the diamonds or coloured gemstones. In the channel setting, the designer will place the diamonds altogether in a channel around the band.

Attainment of right kind of setting for your ring is worth spending some time on. Style and setting are thus considered as an essential portion of the ring that will determine its style and beauty.