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Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Solitaires are forever

Love should always be celebrated. And when you’re sure you’ve finally met your partner-for-life, what better way of announcing your love than by saying it loud with a solitaire?

Yes, we agree, picking out a solitaire that represents quality and value for money can sometimes be baffling considering the confusing terminologies that are thrown at you the moment you step into a store. The write up below will help you navigate through some of these and get you ready to purchase a solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham.

Picking out solitaires

The following terminologies and factors are commonly considered when buying diamonds. Understanding the same will help you feel sorted when you finally go solitaire shopping. These are also commonly referred to as the “four Cs” that represent the quality of a diamond.

Cut-This represents the angles and facets of the solitaire which lends it its sparkle and brilliance. Round cuts and princess cuts are some commonly available options.

Carat- This is simply a measure of the overall weight of a diamond. Needless to say, the higher the carat rating, the higher the cost.

Clarity- Clarity is an important factor when purchasing precious stones like diamonds. The lesser the number of impurities, the higher the price. Diamonds are created in nature. An absolutely clear stone free of impurities is a rare find and is hence highly priced.

Colour- Diamonds are found in varying shades, usually ranging from whites, opaque to completely transparent ones. The transparent ones are generally considered to have matured completely under nature’s guidance and are highly prized for their natural sparkle and brilliance.

Understanding the aforementioned terminology will help you pick a solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham that speaks of quality and fits your budget too.

The choice of metal

Metal choice is another important factor that contributes to the overall look of a solitaire engagement ring. While there’s no denying of the compatibility of gold and diamonds when it comes to creating that perfect look, modern metals like white gold are the latest trend to follow. White gold engagement rings can take your chosen solitaires to a completely different level altogether.

With the looks of platinum, white gold does not just speak about quality but is great in its sleek, trendy, modern looks too. And not just that, it is the perfect colour to go with all types of solitaires, irrespective of the cut and settings. Being an alloy of pure gold, palladium, and silver along with a coating of rhodium, this beautiful shining metal is the latest craze in the jewelry industry. If you’re seeking a metal that adds value to your chosen solitaires and yet lends an overall sophisticated look, white gold engagement rings are just your thing.