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Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement Rings – The Perfect Symbol of Eternal Love

The solitaire is always associated with commitment, beauty and eternal love and finding the perfect solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham just got a tad bit easier.

The Star of the Show

When you choose a solitaire engagement ring, the first step is to find the perfect diamond that calls out to you. The cut, color, clarity and carat are the tools used at solitaire engagement ring stores in Birmingham to help you determine the diamonds’ quality and worth. The star of the show will always be the diamond irrespective of the wedding band itself.  Trust your eyes when choosing a diamond because you’re more likely to invest more money on it than the ring. A diamond ring is timeless and absolutely simple and elegant so the design of the band must enhance or show off the solitaire.

Size, Shape and Cut

A diamonds carat is a measurement of its weight and has no relevance to its size. Find a solitaire that makes the most impact in its overall setting. There are a variety of diamond cuts available to suit every future brides taste. The round shape, the princess cut, square or rectangular, marquise, pear and tear drop are some of the more popular ones available at solitaire engagement ring stores in Birmingham. The way a diamond shines and its color will not just affect a diamonds beauty but also its quality and pricing. Find a solitaire that dazzles because of the way it is cut and how much light it reflects.

Setting And Band

A diamond always looks good when partnered with a ring. There are two main setting to choose from with solitaire engagement rings. The first is the use of four to six prongs that raise the diamond above the band and holds it in place. This allows more light to shine through a diamond adding to its brilliance. The halo setting on the other hand enhances the sparkle and the size of the diamond while also creating a feminine and delicate look. The final step is to match the band to your fiancés style, preference and personality. The choices are thick or thin bands, white or yellow gold, plain or with ornate work or engraved with words or letters. Solitaire engagement rings available at Birmingham offers the perfect array of choices to blend in style, fashion, commitment and love.

A solitaire is the ultimate lone star that is a symbol of all that is perfect and beautiful in your relationship.