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Significance Of The Wedding Ring

The wedding ring indicates that the wearer is married.  The wedding ring can be worn on the right or left finger as per the culture that is followed.  It is often worn on the left ring finger though and the reason for this goes back to the Roman era.  The Romans believed that the vein in this finger went directly to the heart, which was considered the repository of love.  In fact, this particular vein is called the vein of love or vena amoris.  The wedding ring is made of precious metal such as yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.  Diamond wedding rings can come with different cuts such as the princess cut which determines the brilliance of the stone.

Tips To Buy Diamond Jewelry

Buying diamond jewelry can be pretty confusing if you do not know the correct terminology.  The shape of the diamond is its outward appearance but the cut of the stone decides its brilliance or its ability to absorb light and reflect it.  It is this brilliance that determines the price of the diamonds.  Diamonds can be found in different shapes such as square, rectangular, or round, oval or pear-shaped, or marquise.  The cut of a diamond denotes its facets and angles.  The princess cut is quite popular in wedding rings as is the round cut.  The round cut has been popular for the longest time but the princess cut is more modern and gives your ring an edgier look.

Types Of Cuts For Diamonds

The princess, as well as the round cut wedding rings, are popular because they are both really beautiful.  The round cut was introduced by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919 and this cut has been used to set the bar when you measure the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond stone.  The round cut has 58 facets and captures light so well that it gives a fire and brilliance to the stone.  This cut maintains a good amount of the original weight of the stone.

Sparkling Princess Cut Diamonds Rings

The princess cut wedding rings have a square or rectangular outline.  This cut was created by Israel Itzkowitz and Betzel Ambar in 1980.  It can be a radiant or a brilliant cut.  The brilliant cut maximizes the sparkle of the diamond in your ring.  Princess cut diamond rings are more affordable when compared to the round cut diamonds.  The rectangular cut is also more reasonable than the square cut.