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Pascale Diamond Enagement Ring

Platinum vs white gold engagement rings

When you find that special someone, the perfect ring to propose will certainly matter. However, when it comes to buying a ring, the most common question asked is which is better? Platinum or white gold engagement ring in Birmingham? Here are few points to draw the difference between the two and help you, find the perfect ring.


When it comes to the appearance of the two, they are indistinguishable. Nevertheless, there is a huge difference in price. The reason behind this is that platinum is said to be purer but this makes it denser than gold which in turn makes the ring much heavier. Whereas white gold engagement rings in Birmingham are made up of a huge percentage of gold along with one or a combination of other metals such as silver, palladium, nickel or manganese. The finished product turns out to be light, very comfortable and less expensive.


 When it comes to maintenance both platinum and white gold engagement rings in Birmingham, need it. However, when it comes to platinum, it is not scratch proof and periodic polishing is very much essential or else it turns dull. This is not only expensive to do but a certain amount of the metal gets removed each time it’s done, this can also lead to the replacement of the ring in the long run. Whereas when it comes to white gold engagement rings in Birmingham, it only needs to be dipped in order to look brand new. This is so even if it turns dull or the gold color starts to show over time. This process of dipping is inexpensive and white gold doesn’t scratch as much as platinum, making it more convenient to take care off in the long run.


When it comes to flexibility, white gold engagement rings in Birmingham are more flexible than platinum. What I mean by this is that with white gold you can choose what karat gold you want, between 14 and 18 karats, according to your affordability.

Further, it’s always good to keep in mind the diamond as well. You can use your money on platinum and get a small diamond or you can use it on white gold and get a bigger better quality diamond. After all, as the old saying goes “a diamond is a woman’s best friend” so it’s good to consider that as well when choosing the engagement ring.