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Good Things Come in Small Packages

Indeed, when it comes to showing true commitment, nothing can outdo a simple ring. Especially, a gold ring! It is classic, eternal and a vision of romance. It is the first or sometimes the only piece of jewellery that will be given in what will be a long loving relationship. If you are one of those who firmly believe in simplicity and wants to reflect your down-to-earth personality in your choice of jewellery, then elegant and timeless gold rings are just for you. You can choose to go with either gold engagement rings or white gold engagement rings.

Traditional and Timeless

You may have heard of the line ‘old is gold’ and this holds true to even gold engagement rings. One can customise them to the look you like. You might like to keep it round or even flat also widely known as wedding band. The width of the band can be reduced or increased as per your choice. You can also have similar looking bands but keep the one with less width for the lady and the wider one for the man. These engagement rings are great when you are on a budget.

Platinum Look Alike

If you want to look outside the box and be a bit adventurous, then white gold engagement rings could be your other option. They are created with pure gold mixed with a white metal such as palladium, nickel or silver. Additionally, in order to make them more durable and add luster, white gold jewellery are coated in a precious metal called rhodium. This makes them to look like platinum but is available at a fraction of the cost. It is definitely an affordable alternative to owning a platinum piece as well as for those who don’t prefer the yellow colour of gold. One useful tip on maintaining your white gold jewellery would be to get them re-plated with rhodium when the shine wears off.  This is relatively easy – just take it to your jeweller and he will make it dazzling once again.

Feel the LOVE

Whatever you choose to go with, be it the simple gold or the platinum look-alike white gold, ultimately you can be rest assured in the knowledge that the commitment is heart-felt and the ring is an eternal symbol of the one who loves you.  Isn’t that what counts?