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Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Four Tips to Customize Wedding Bands and Make Them More Personal

Many couples today want wedding bands that are a reflection of their unique personalities and special relationship. Thankfully, reputed stores have in-house jewellery designing and manufacturing expertise to provide bespoke wedding bands in Birmingham. Here are some factors to consider for custom wedding bands.

Personalize a Simple Design

Most couples consider bespoke wedding bands in Birmingham because they want something different from regular designs commonly found in the market. A good place to start is understanding whether you want a plain band or a band featuring gemstones. A plain band is a good idea when the bride-to-be has a dazzling or elaborate engagement ring which she wants to be the focus of her hand. Engravings in the form of the couple’s initials or a favorite saying is a great way to personalize simple wedding bands.

Go Retro for an Elaborate Design

If you are not satisfied with the plain design of traditional wedding bands, consider commissioning a vintage inspired design with elegant details such as filigree engraving or dainty raised edges. Beautiful vintage inspired designs are in vogue at present and they instantly catch your eye with their old world charm. Yellow gold works very well with these designs which can be gauged from the fact that it was the most popular wedding ring material in olden times.

Consider Adding Some Sparkle

If you would like to add some sparkle to your bespoke wedding band in Birmingham, consider incorporating diamonds or other hardy gemstones. Diamonds or coloured gemstones in pave or channel setting are an excellent choice when you don’t want the band to overwhelm your engagement ring. Both settings work well on slim as well as wide band which make them more flexible options to work with.

Explore Material Options

As far as materials are concerned, you can opt for cost-effective ones such as yellow gold, white gold, palladium and rose gold or opt for high-end platinum. White gold which is gold with rhodium plating and palladium are great alternatives to platinum and are available at a fraction of the cost. The warm, soft and romantic tones of rose gold that works so well with engagement rings also lends itself to wedding bands with an added bonus that it suits a wide variety of skin tones.

For further exploration, get in touch with a reputed bridal jewelry store offering bespoke wedding bands in Birmingham!