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Diamond Wedding Ring

Four Benefits of Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Shape is one of the most important considerations to keep in mind while purchasing a diamond engagement ring. Round engagement rings in Birmingham are by far the most popular choice and have been so for hundreds of years. A round engagement ring is not only classic and timeless but it also has several practical advantages over other shapes. Read on to learn more.

Enhanced Sparkle and Brilliance

Because of their perfect symmetry, round engagement rings in Birmingham have a fantastic ability to maximize optical performance. No other diamond shape can hold a candle to the brilliance and sparkle of a well-cut round diamond.  The superior optical performance can make gems appear larger, improve color and clarity as well as hide flaws. The round shape generally makes a diamond engagement ring look more magnificent than it already is.

More Number of Choices

Round engagement rings in Birmingham are easier to shape than other cuts. This along with their popularity enables jewelers to offer them in a wide range of choices. No matter what your budget is or what your particular requirements are, you will be able to find a round cut diamond engagement ring that fulfills your specifications. Of course, it’s not just diamonds that lend themselves brilliantly to the round shape. Other precious gemstones such as garnet, peridot, sapphire, topaz, turquoise, emerald and ruby among others too can look brilliant with round cut.

Diverse Setting Options

The round cut is highly versatile and opens up many options for setting styles. Whether your prefer the brilliance of an elegant solitaire diamond, a halo setting or you would rather have a round centre diamond surrounded by a set of smaller diamonds, you can achieve your goal. To have a truly special and unique round engagement ring, shop at a jewellery store that specializes in bespoke engagement rings.

Layers of Meaning

Understanding the symbolism of a round engagement ring will help you make the right choice. Traditionally, the round shape is considered to be timeless style that signifies endless love. It is perfect for women who are somewhat conservative or are drawn to tradition – besides, the traditional look means that it will last through the ages. If you’ve discovered that your beloved prefers a round shape diamond, take heart from the fact that she is less likely to be swayed by trends and has confidence in her own taste.

To explore the complete range of round engagement rings in Birmingham, shop with a reputed jeweler offering high quality wedding and engagement rings.