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Diamond Wedding Ring

Express your love with diamonds

Weddings should always sparkle brightly in one’s memories for a lifetime. And what better way to add shine to your wedding memories and capturing the beautiful emotions of the day than by investing in some precious diamonds! A diamond set wedding band in Birmingham is not just the best way to bring shine to your memories but will definitely add an instant sparkle in the eyes of your better half too.

Things to look out for before buying diamonds

If it is your first time buying diamonds, feeling a little baffled with the wide variety of choices available in the market is all natural. After all, one does not buy diamonds as a part of their daily shopping (well, at least most people don’t)! The moment one sets out to purchase a diamond set wedding band in Birmingham, a host of confusing terminologies and factors are there to make you feel overwhelmed. Getting a quick understanding of the same before you start your diamond shopping might come in handy.

Diamonds are available in multiple shapes like squares, rectangle, oval, round, pear/drop shape, etc. Choosing one is absolutely a matter of choice. That said, the important factor to consider is the quality of the“cut”. The precision of the cut is the key factor which adds value to a diamond. The type of cut determines the angles, facets and hence the diamond’s ability to reflect light which gives it its brilliance.

Additionally, clarity and colour are some other factors to consider when buying precious stones like diamonds. There are various options available within the same. It is, however, advisable to ask for VS/SI clarity and G colour. All leading stores that display diamond set wedding bands in Birmingham will have the same available for you.

Pick a cut and a setting of your choice

A brief understanding of the latest cuts and settings is a good step to proceed with your diamond shopping. While nothing that’s made of diamond ever goes out of fashion, there are a few cuts and settings that are a favourite with the customers. The round cut which usually comes in 58 facets is highly valuable and has been used traditionally for its sheer beauty and ability to reflect light equally in all directions. That said, the modern princess cut usually available in square or rectangular shapes is an equally beautiful option that’s highly favoured by customers for its ability to reflect light resulting in a high level of sparkle.

Finally, there are multiple options that each store offers in terms of settings of diamond set wedding band in Birmingham. Settings simply denote the way the diamonds are set within the metal band. Choices like channel setting, claw setting, grain setting, etc. are available. Choose one that appeals to your eye and you’re all set to invest in beauty, shine and sparkle that’ll be a part of your memories forever.