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Diamond Wedding Ring

Engagement Rings to Treasure for a Lifetime

When it comes to expressing commitment, nothing says it better than a solitaire engagement ring.  Even though in recent years the solitaire has seen competition from other gems, almost all brides to be will agree that in terms of shape, round engagement rings are undoubtedly the classiest.

The Appeal of Round Engagement Rings

Soon-to-be brides looking for round engagement rings in Birmingham will appreciate the beauty of round engagement rings.  A round engagement ring never goes out of style; its appeal lies in its simple classiness.  Round diamonds look brilliant no matter what metal they are paired with: silver, gold, white gold or platinum.  A round diamond looks stunning either alone or surrounded by a band of smaller stones either around the diamond or on the band itself.  Round engagement rings make a statement worthy of the bond of unbreakable love that a couple pledges to each other.  Their understated elegance, no-fuss simplicity and charm are what have made these round engagement rings an eternal favourite, and a must-have for any new bride-to-be.

A Range of Styles to Choose From

Angele, Sophia, Diane, Dantela – these are just a few of the mind-blowing range of styles that a bride can choose to have her engagement ring in.  Most jewellery stores offer their designs in a variety of metals, available in any carat.  Almost three-fourths of all diamond ring purchases are round engagement rings, because of the maximum sparkle they give off, so essential to the bride-to-be for when she shows off her ring-clad finger.  No matter how popular other styles get, the solitaire will always enjoy first place in terms of preference for an engagement ring.  Most online retail stores for round engagement rings now come with a guide on how to go about buying the engagement ring that best suits the bride.  These include advice on what the best settings are for a round diamond: the 4-prong setting.

Tips on Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

While shopping for round engagement rings, be sure to stick to retailers who deal only with certified round diamond rings, as this guarantees the diamond’s cut, clarity and colour.  Also, make sure that the cut as well as the shape of the diamond are round.  Check for any obvious colour tints or imperfections that are visible, before buying.

The best option for a couple about to get married, is to consult with an expert on round engagement rings in Birmingham, who will assist the groom and bride with choosing an engagement ring that will perfectly complement the bride’s tastes, so that, on her engagement day, the ring she wears is as brilliant and as radiant as the love that binds them together as a couple.