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Engagement Rings: A Promise of Eternal Love and Commitment

An engagement is an announcement to the world about a promise that you are making. It’s the first important step before all the wedding preparations can begin. So, here are some things to consider before you purchase one.

The Ring Factor

Choosing a Solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham requires you to ask the right questions. What are you looking for? What does the diamond symbolize? Which color will convey elegance and purity? Any stone can be cut down and sized to suit any ring. Each shape has its own unique properties and brilliance. You can choose from emerald, princess, round, pear or heart cut. The Karat of a gold ring is another important factor to consider. While 24KT is the purest form, 18 KT has only 75% gold. A new favorite is the 10KT white gold engagement rings because it’s affordable and doesn’t scratch too easily. The style of the ring needs to reflect the personality of the wearer. From classic to vintage you can choose from hundreds of styles to find the one that connects with you. The setting of your stone should be done in a manner that will display your stone in the best possible way. Single solitaires demand attention while a center diamond surrounded by smaller ones creates a larger than life illusion. 

The Bride Factor

The engagement ring that you choose for your bride needs to be timeless, unique and full of promise. Choose one that will suit her lifestyle because she will never take the ring off and keep in mind her job, her hobbies, how active she is. Solitaire engagement rings in Birmingham are usually sold in a prong setting that’s easy to clean. This will suit a woman who is more hands on. Another factor to consider is her style and fashion equation, the clothes she wears, the colors that she is drawn to, the kind of jewelry she prefers and even the patterns she finds attractive. Engagement rings can be pricey, so it helps to know your budget. The goal is to find the right ring without burning a hole in your wallet. Pay attention to the size of her fingers. Although it’s a small detail, it is a very important one. Borrow a ring of hers, or use a mold for precise measurements. Whether you pick up a solitaire or a white gold engagement ring, it is a valuable investment that requires a warranty or insurance. This will protect against any loss and theft. Above all, the engagement ring needs to be a symbol of your love and commitment to each other.