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Engagement ring: Platinum Engagement rings Vs Gold engagement rings

Gone are the days when gold was the prime choice for an engagement ring; since the advent of platinum, a precious metal that is far rarer, the choice of the metal for the engagement rings has become more difficult. Many soon-to-wed couples grapple between the choices, resonating like a pendulum from one metal to another. According to experts, a number of factors are involved in making a right making the buying decision, which one must weigh adequately. Here are the factors that can make the decision easier.


For an untrained eye, colour is the main differentiator between platinum engagement rings and gold engagement rings. Gold typically is yellow, whereas platinum is white. However, gold also comes in white colour; in the recent times, white gold has become more popular than the conventional one. White gold has rhodium plating over it, which gives it a whiter look just like platinum; however, over time the plating starts to wear off, revealing the underlying yellowish colour. Re-plating and re-polishing can bring back the glory. Contrary to gold, platinum is naturally white, and thus, does not lose its colour and sheen over time.


Theoretically, gold and platinum are almost similar in price when seen in terms of grammes. However, platinum is denser, and thus, practically, more of the metal is needed to carve a ring out of it, making it more expensive than gold. Moreover, platinum rings, be it off the shelves diamond set wedding bands or bespoke wedding bands, usually typically are 95% pure, where is only 58.5% gold—14k gold—that makes platinum rings expensive.


Platinum is a far stronger metal, and therefore, platinum diamonds rings lasts a lot more, as prongs holding the diamond are less likely to break than a gold engagement ring. On the contrary, platinum rings are more susceptible to scratches than golden ones. However, there is a catch, when gold gets scratched, the metal is lost, while when platinum ring develops a blemish, it is known as patina finish, a much-desired attribute that gives antique look.


Since platinum is denser, the rings made from the metal may feel heavier on the ring, which many finds uncomfortable. However, it is just a matter of choice. Whereas, gold being a lot lighter metal than platinum, it is a choice that is more comfortable. However, the design of an engagement ring plays a huge role in the comfort. Therefore, always try a ring before making the final buying decision. Moreover, platinum does not lead to allergy, while many are allergic to gold or other metals used in making an engagement ring.