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Diamond Engagement Rings: A Token of Eternal Love

An engagement is a symbol of commitment and love and solitaire engagement rings available in Birmingham can help you mark this momentous occasion. Here’s what to look for as you begin your search to find the perfect diamond ring for your perfect someone.

Budget and Metal

The first step is to set the budget. Know how much you can pay and stick with it. There are rings that fit all kinds of budgets and jewelers will help you to make a wise choice. Remember, that prices can be negotiated and that research is vital before you purchase that beautiful token of your love. There are now so many choices of metals available these days to choose from. Platinum is strong and lasts a long time but it loses its luster quickly. Gold is easy to polish and is available in colors of yellow, white and rose gold. Silver is popular and trendy and can be customized in different patterns and designs.

Diamond Quality

Since the centerpiece of an engagement ring is the diamond there are four vital factors that need to be considered before you buy one. The angles and proportions at which a diamond is cut will affect its sparkle and its brilliance. Diamonds can be colorless or colored which can directly affect the pricing. While white diamonds like the solitaire engagement rings sold in Birmingham are the most popular, the colorless ones are the most expensive. The clarity of the diamond is with reference to how clear the diamond is. The fewer the impurities the greater the value and brilliance. The heavier the diamond or carat, the more the cost of the diamond. A master jeweler knows the fine art of making a diamond appear larger than it really is.

Shape and Setting

A classic, timeless choice is the round cut diamond while the princess cut is elegant and trendy. You can also choose from pear teardrop, oval and heart cut diamond engagement rings. A Tiffany setting involves a traditional placing of the diamond on the top of the band. The eternity band setting has diamonds that are placed all around the ring. A bezel setting is recommended for women with an active lifestyle since the diamond is held securely on to the ring by a metal rim. Another popular design is the setting of diamonds on to a metal channel to accent the main diamond that’s set on a prong. The pave’ has a number of diamonds set closely together.

Whatever ring you choose, you can be sure that the solitaire engagement rings sold in Birmingham will make it a moment to cherish forever.