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Alessandra Diamond Engagement Ring

3 tips to buying the right solitaire engagement ring

Nothing says engagement like a beautiful solitaire ring on the finger. However, before you go into the jewelry store and empty your wallet, you might want to examine these three tips, to buy the right solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham.

All about the diamond       

As the name goes the highlight of the ring is a distinguish solitaire or sole diamond. It can be one beautiful diamond on a simple ring giving a classic elegant look or one big diamond with small ones along the sides of the ring giving it a more fancy appearance. Either way, a significant diamond is what’s called for. When you go to buy a solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham you should keep in mind to check four things, the cut, clarity, karats, and color of the diamond. This way you will be able to see the quality of the diamond and choose the right one. Further, there are two broad types of diamonds, lab-made and natural. You may want to have a understand a bit about the two and see which one you might prefer to buy before entering a solitaire engagement ring store in Birmingham.

The shape of the diamond

A solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham comes in different shapes and sizes.  The shapes vary from round, oval, princess, cushion, pear, emerald, heart, and marquise to Asscher and radiant. You can view them and decide which one would best suit you fiancée-to-be before going to buy one and the prices vary according to the shape and size of the diamond as well.


Another crucial thing that you have to consider before buying a solitaire engagement ring in Birmingham is the band of the ring. There is a lot you can choose when it comes to this. The most common and now trending is platinum, but besides this, there is white gold which looks just like platinum and is less expensive. Other than that there is rose gold, yellow gold and so on. The main thing to keep in mind here is that the highlight of the ring should be the diamond, but again the preference is up to you and what you feel you’re soon-to-be-fiancée might like.

Besides this, there are different modern designs you can look at, like a side stone solitaire ring, halo ring, the promise ring and so on. In some places, you can even custom design your solitaire ring to make it even more personal.

So now you can decide well and go perchance the right solitaire right for the love of your life.